LPC Councillor Vacancy - Sept 2023

LPC Notice of Councillor Vacancy - Sept 2023

LPC Notice of Councillor Vacancy - Sept 2023

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LPC Notice of Councillor Vacancy - Sept 2023

Lazonby History Society

Lazonby Local History Society

The history Society was formed in 1997 after villagers joined in two village walks, looking at buildings and history of the village. There was sufficient
interest to form the society for promoting research and sharing of the history of the village and surrounding area.
For the following twenty years, regular meetings on a variety of topics were well attended and membership grew.Numerous research projects were
carried out and included participation in a Cumbria wide survey of housingpre-1939; oral history of 12 villagers (2000); Lazonby Bridge; crossings of the River Eden;Settle-Carlisle Railway; village employment ; local Land Armygirls and housing; local buildings and people.
A leaflet of village history was produced in 2011 and a booklet of oral history in 2017.
With much regret, as older members could no longer attend and fewer younger members joined, the small committee felt unable to carry on and the society was closed in March 2020.Remaining funds were deposited with the Cumbria Federation of LocalHistory Societies to be held for 5 years in case of the society was reopened.
Many of the archives were deposited at Cumbria Archives and some of verylocal interest are in a secure filing cabinet in the village hall.
If you would like to know more, please contact Sheila Fletcher 01768 898804

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